Terms And Conditions


Effective September 01, 2018

This Partner Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is part of and incorporates by reference the User Agreement and the other Terms of Service. You will be provided advance notice of any material change to this Agreement and your continued participation in a membership program after the last modified date will signify your acceptance of this Agreement. Capitalized terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in the Site Terms of Use, User Agreement, or elsewhere in the Terms and Conditions.


Pro-J offers special membership programs for Partners and Agencies. For purposes of this
Agreement, “Member” or “you” means a Partner or Agency participating in a membership program.
Our membership program gives you unlimited number of “submits,” which gives you the right to propose for Clients’ posted Projects, Contracts, Jobs, or Others, by us or Partners. Every Member have the right to bid for these projects, contracts, jobs, or Others at any time, the best bidder wins forthat particular project or contract.
Payment arrangement of awin projector contractis between the contractor and the bidder. We advise that both parties should choose the best method suitable for all.You can choose CASH on delivery, Mobile Money or Bank Transfer before or after completion of the job. Under no circumstances should a member hold Pro-J responsible for a failure of a payment by a party.
A partner member also have the privilege to interact with users of our sites after submitting listing for a job, etc.


A member partner also has the choice to hire Pro-J Media Production at the office to create and maintain an account on his/her behalf. Conditions Before:

  • Take a form at the office and fill in all the required information. A Ghc 25.00 charge apply.
  • For Pro-J to know whether you are a legitimate individual, professional, experts, or a company, we will charge you for a transportation fee to come to your place of work to verify whether what you say about youself or company is true. Charges depends on distance.
  • A partner also has the option to hire Pro-J to promote or connect his/her company to other partners or networks online. Charges depends on the type of market.

If Pro-J get a job for a partner offline, then, Pro-J will charge 15% on the winning contract after payment.


We take our partners information and security very seriously, therefore, it’s Pro-J policy to screen all our Partners to make sure they are legitimate individual or company, or institutions they claimed. Please provide us with any certificates qualifying you as an institution, company, or a professional in your line of work within a month of registration. We also required that you display your picture at the profile side of your account. Don’t forget to verify your account with us within 7 days of registration. Failure to provide us with these information’s within the specified period may force us to stop displaying of your listing and delete your account after one month.


Pro-J does not charge for a membership fee (It’s absolutely FREE). We only charge 10% connection fee on the price of a win project or contract. Note: The beneficiary pays for the contract or project after receiving payment.There are other charges like, boosting your projects forward ahead of others, etc. We reserve the right to charge fees, change the number of Submits included in each membership program, or change the price for additional submits or institute new fees at anytime. In each case upon reasonable notice posted in advance on the Site. No refunds of fees already paid will be given. Pro-J exercises its right to cancel a membership if a Partner violate our policy, terms and conditions, and will not refund any fee already paid.


Where applicable, Pro-J may also collect Taxes (such as value added tax (VAT) on fees, as set forth in the User Agreement.


You agreed as a Pro-J Partner not to violate any laws or our Prohibited content Policy as enshrine in our terms of use.


This subcontract agreement is made between ……………………PARTNER ………………………………………..

“subcontractor” and …………………PRO-J MEDIA PRODUCTION …………………………………………………….. “General contractor ( Pro-J for short)”.

The agreement covers work to be done and sets expectations regarding that work. Violations of these agreement may lead to legal consequences.

SCOPE OF WORK. Subcontractor agrees to finish all labour, materials, tools, equipment’s and services necessary for performance of the work as it will be agreed upon by both party.

This agreement guarantees the subcontractor a payment of GH…………AS AGREED UPON ……………. For the work to be done. In cases of additional labour, the subcontractor will be granted additional pay and will have the right to negotiate the amount. The total amount due will be paid upon completion of the work, with a deposit of GH…DEPENDS ON AGREEMENT .. in place before the work begun.

The work to be performed by subcontractor is limited in nature. It covers exactly and precisely the description of the job. The method, by which these duties are performed, in so far as the methods are safe and legal, will be at the discretion of the subcontractor.

It is understood that the work will be started on …DATE SET BY BOTH PARTIES…… and will be completed within ……DATE SET BY BOTH PARTIES ……. If unforeseen circumstances prevent the safe and effective completion of the work, extensions will be discussed but are not guaranteed. If delays are not remedied within 30days, the General contractor will have the right to withhold payment, unless the delays are caused by forces within the control of the General contractor.

The work performed will be of a certain standard in order to be considered acceptable. These standards are explicitly outlined in the description of the project provided to the subcontractor. Failure to meet these requirements will result in forfeiture of amount by the subcontractor.

If legal disputes arise, the case must be arbitrated by an independent entity qualified for this position. The fees for arbitration will be paid by the party deemed in the wrong, and all charges will be voluntarily submitted once arbitration is complete.

By accepting this agreement, both the subcontractor and the General contractor are agreeing to all terms above.


(Subcontractor signature)



(General contractor signature)